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You are more than welcome to link to this project from any hotlists or related sites. I'd appreciate an email with the URL of your site.

You are also welcome to use this project as a reference source in a paper or other scholarly work, provided that you cite the project correctly. Below are some examples of citations, based on the style outlined in the MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources page.

Cozzens, Lisa. "Brown v. Board of Education." African American
     early-civilrights/brown.html (25 May 1998).

Cozzens, Lisa. "The Civil Rights Movement 1955-1965." African
     American History.
     blackhistory/civilrights-55-65 (25 May 1998).

Please note that if you quote the project without citing it, you have committed plagiarism. While I probably will never find out about it, you should feel very, very guilty about passing off someone else's work as your own.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

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